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Gaining Insights Into Multi Vendor Exemplary Features


Online Payment

Get the freedom to accept all digital payments on any smart device or channel with our software. Safety of the personal information is warranted, thus helping you to increase the ROI.


Click & Collect

Give your customers the option to buy the product online and pick it up from the store. The presence of omnichannel flow offers high returns, with a more excellent fulfillment model while offering an in-store experience.


Inventory Management

Use our all-in-one inventory management system to keep track and manage the inventory from the point of order to final delivery. Enjoy better time management with aproperly synchronized system.


Blog Integration

Grow your business with actionable marketing and selling advice in the blogs. Offer the resources, products, and tips by integrating the blog on your shopping website. Generate more traffic and build your audience and increase your sales.


Contactless Delivery

Allow your customers to stay at home and be safe with our contactless delivery system. Follow all hygiene and safety norms, keep the customers happy by avoiding physical contact, and maintaining social distancing.


Readymade Multi Vendor Apps For Seamless Delivery

Fulfill all your orders with our ready-to-use multi-vendor apps. Track, ship, fulfill and get your product to your customer's door while protecting your business from any risky transaction with our app. Irrespective of the eCommerce business you run, we are here to make you increase your ROI and make your customers happy.

Multi Vendor App

Everything starts with the task

Launch your product with interactive multi-vendor app

Whether it's product management, vendor management, inventory management, or connecting with the customers, our app is there to help you with all these and more. Enjoy a customized app that caters to your business that can help you to scale better.


How our app looks like

Single Platform for your every need

We offer a range of services to a wide variety of uses for the multivendor system for any eCommerce. You can get several features as per your requirement to ensure a successful business with a hassle-free communicating platform..

View My Mart App Demo

You can get a demo of our app as a user, vendor, and driver. With the app as an eCommerce business owner, you can enjoy hassle-free contact between all three pillars of your business. Enjoy the freedom of running and managing your business from anywhere and anytime with this app without having to sit in the office all day.

Walk-through the design

We have a team of experts designing and developing the multi-vendor app, whether it is for the user, vendor, or driver. We sit with the client to understand their requirements and help with the application as per their need.

Admin Panel

Get all the Data At one Place

Our app is designed to keep the user efficiency of the admin, the user and the customer. With the admin panel, you will be able to manage and track the sales of the products for better analysis. Develop and enhance marketing strategies and solutions to increase your sales and improve the business. You also have the ability to track the item from the time of purchase, it’s location, warehousing till the time of delivery. The multivendor app will facilitate you to be in touch with all your stakeholders, drivers, warehouses and even clients, to know what their requirement is. You will get to identify the trends thereby the ability to predict the future hence improving your ROI by decreasing churns and losses.

Super Admin

UserName: admin@admin.com

Password: Multivendor@112

Vendor Admin

UserName: seller@112gmail.com

Password: Multivendor@112

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